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Welcome to my Gallery and Database! 

For many years I have been interested in sports memorabilia and in particular fascinated by the unique design and rarity of international caps and honours caps. 

I found it quite surprising that despite the odd photo appearing on a website now and then there wasn't a site dedicated to the international cap and honours cap.

I had seen England football caps and Wales rugby caps on display before in Museums but often wondered if other countries made and awarded caps and what they looked like.

Did the New Zealand All Blacks award an international cap for instance? What about Canada? USA? Japan even?

I also wondered who made honours caps, what they are worth and if there was any chance of me getting hold of one.

I began scouring the web and collecting photographs of international caps and honours caps using the usual internet search engines. I was surprised to find that photos of caps were few and far between, so it has taken me several years to compile enough data to satisfy my curiosity about the different styles and designs of football caps, rugby caps and cricket caps.

In so doing I realised that others may be just as curious about international caps and honours caps, thus I decided to put what information I have onto an international caps and honours caps website and allow others to enjoy these beautiful creations and perhaps enable a potential collector get their hands on one.

This website is designed for sports fans and sports memorabilia collectors alike. Simply go to the PHOTO GALLERY section, or click on the Album of your choice from the sidebar, and have a glimpse of some of the World's most unique awards.

The site is constantly being updated so please call back periodically for updates.

If you wish to contribute to the site in any way by adding historical information, prices, photographs of your own caps, or to advertise international caps or honours caps for sale then please let me know.

I hope you enjoy it!



NB: Several photographs on this site have been obtained from conducting general internet image searches. If you own the copyright to any of the images and you have any objections to their use please Contact Me immediately.



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