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I am now able to supply your own bespoke "HONOURS CAPS" direct through this website. 

Whether you are:

- an individual wanting to preserve a memory or set up an heirloom

- a club rewarding loyalty and achievement

- an association or union rewarding and celebrating representative honours

- or just a fan wanting to possess one of sports most unsual and unique gifts, I can supply you with any type of honours cap you require*. 

Send me details of your design and I'll send you a mock up for your approval and provide you with an all inclusive quote. 

I guarantee to beat anyone for price, and especially quality, so if you've had any quotes elsewhere please let me know.

Examples of some of the caps I have supplied are on the EXAMPLES page, although for contractual reasons I cannot show the REALLY good ones I send to professional teams and organisations!

Photos never do justice to these jewels!

Honours caps are meant to be dazzling, heartwarming, unique and cherished display items. It should look and feel great, not cheap and embarrassing. If price is the be all and end all then frankly you may as well buy baseball caps for £6-£7 each!

Unlike machine embroidered caps the traditional hand embroidered honours caps involve several convoluted processes and each cap can take up to a week to make so please allow plenty of time before ordering.

Don't settle for cheap imitations! Go for something special! Nobody is a bigger honours cap fan than me so top quality is guaranteed!

If you have any concerns or doubts check out the comments on my 'Testimonials' pages.

Finally, may I point out that this is a hobby for me and a labour of love. May aim is to preserve and maintain the honours cap tradition and supply people with something of true value and something to be proud of. 

If you want more detailed information about buying caps or having some made may I suggest you download my 'Buyer's Guide' from the webstore page. Everything you need to know about buying caps is in there.

So if you have anything in mind by all means Contact Me with your requirements.



(*Please note that I am unable to supply caps featuring registered trade marks or logos protected by copyright unless you have the owner's express written permission. Please respect this. Thank you!)