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International Caps & Honours Caps - A Seller's Guide



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If you want to know WHEN, WHERE and HOW to SELL YOUR CAP you MUST read this essential "Seller's Guide to International Caps and Honours Caps" ,   a key tool for any potential seller featuring hints, tips and advice on how to MAXIMISE the value of your item and get the VERY BEST SALE PRICE no matter what cap you've got.


The information provided WILL help and you could end up making thousands!


I get requests for information from all over the World yet there are a lot of important things to consider that can't be explained in a simple e-mail. This is why I drafted the  "Seller's Guide"


If you'd like some useful hints, tips and advice on maximising your sale price please make your purchase and I'll send you the Guide via e-mail. The Guide is an e-book which can be delivered direct to your inbox via e-mail, or posted to you on CD-ROM. Please specify your preference when you pay.


Many thanks and good luck!



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