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Where to buy an International Cap or Honours Cap?

There are several places to find an international cap or honours cap.
If you are looking for an genuine "international cap" awarded to a player then the place to get them are at professional auctions. I shall try to provide an up to date list of pending auctions on this page where either international caps or honours caps are for sale, so be sure to keep calling back.  
Alternatively if you are looking for your own unique bespoke "honours cap" please Contact Me and I'll see what I can do for you.
(NB: Please note that I cannot supply direct copies of international caps or caps featuring registered trade marks or logos protected by copyright without express written permission from the owner(s). Please respect this and obtain permission first. Thank you!) 

Pending Sporting Memorabilia auctions:


Knights Auctions

Graham Budd Auctions 

Special Auction Service 

Mullocks Auctions

Anthemion Auctions 

Bonhams Auctions 

Gildings Auctioneers

Eastbourne Auctions

Duke's Avenue Auctions

Sportingold Limited


Please check their websites from time to time for auction dates.


If you wish to advertise your auction please Contact Me with details and photos of your caps and I will add the auction to the list and the cap to the website.


(Above) A collection containing a Scotland Football Cap, England Football Cap, Wales Football Cap and a Northern Ireland Football Cap which sold at auction for £8400.


Before parting with your cash or your prized possession may I recommend that you download my "Buyer & Seller Guides". They could make all the difference to the price you pay or the price you achieve:



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If you are a manufacturer, auctioneer or seller and would like to advertise in my Buyer's or Seller's Guides, or on this website please Contact Me








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Many thanks to all of the above for supplying and agreeing to supply images for this site.

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